Bonus Craps ATS Strategy and Betting video

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Download the charts here
ChipMagnet Step By Step Guide

Hop Easy’s Pay Table

ATS 25|5|25 Sevens Chart with $25 Hedging Chart | Hedge2invest 350 chart

Hop the Easy’s (Smilies) Chart with 7 strike level.

Place Bets | Lay Bets | Sevens Pay Table Chart

Hedge2Press350 Step by step guide

Hop The Easy’s 7 strikes chart

Hedge ATS Charts 5|25|100

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Bonus Craps ATS Strategy and Betting video

10 thoughts on “Bonus Craps ATS Strategy and Betting video

  1. Can you lay the 6 for $500 on a $100-Max-Table …. I thought you can only Lay up to $100 dollars on a $100-Max-Table.

  2. This seems a departure from earlier videos hopping the smiles. Does this make the best evolution of the strategy?

  3. Have you ever tried this: 96 across on place bets or just move to 160 across- then lay 150 across- then play donโ€™t come with quarter chips. This would allow you to pull any of your lay bets at any time and you would only lose $10 on the come out roll,
    I think a suitable bankroll would be $1k.
    This would also allow you to play ATS AT LARGER AMTS.
    What do you think?

  4. If you hit one side you canโ€™t bet it again. You have to roll the whole ATS for it to rebet.

  5. You will dig yourself into a gigantic hole trying to hedge a 2,3,11,or 12 by hopping the 7's. You could role 20 or 30 roles without hitting a 7 or the number your are missing. Laying the missing "point" number trying to lock in profits is a very solid strategy though.

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