Bonus Craps ATS Strategy and Betting video

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Download the charts here
ChipMagnet Step By Step Guide

Hop Easy’s Pay Table

ATS 25|5|25 Sevens Chart with $25 Hedging Chart | Hedge2invest 350 chart

Hop the Easy’s (Smilies) Chart with 7 strike level.

Place Bets | Lay Bets | Sevens Pay Table Chart

Hedge2Press350 Step by step guide

Hop The Easy’s 7 strikes chart

Hedge ATS Charts 5|25|100

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Bonus Craps ATS Strategy and Betting video

10 thoughts on “Bonus Craps ATS Strategy and Betting video

  1. Can you lay the 6 for $500 on a $100-Max-Table …. I thought you can only Lay up to $100 dollars on a $100-Max-Table.

  2. This seems a departure from earlier videos hopping the smiles. Does this make the best evolution of the strategy?

  3. Have you ever tried this: 96 across on place bets or just move to 160 across- then lay 150 across- then play don’t come with quarter chips. This would allow you to pull any of your lay bets at any time and you would only lose $10 on the come out roll,
    I think a suitable bankroll would be $1k.
    This would also allow you to play ATS AT LARGER AMTS.
    What do you think?

  4. If you hit one side you can’t bet it again. You have to roll the whole ATS for it to rebet.

  5. You will dig yourself into a gigantic hole trying to hedge a 2,3,11,or 12 by hopping the 7's. You could role 20 or 30 roles without hitting a 7 or the number your are missing. Laying the missing "point" number trying to lock in profits is a very solid strategy though.

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