8 thoughts on “Craps! ATS and what I like to do with it.

  1. I like $5 (2/1/2) on the ATS for the crew. That's when I get the longest rolls, as long as I'm not on it for myself.

  2. Lately I start with a 3-1-3 and hop the red for $3 ($1 each). If the bad number rolls I can go to 5-3-5 on the ATS – if a crap number rolls I figure I’m on the way with one of the hard numbers hit. I like to do at least $2 on the small or tall so can guarantee a win if down to a box number left then if a box on both sides it’s about deciding how much to hedge or gamble for the bigger win. Need to think more about hedging a box number when only the C&E are left.

  3. A good prayer:
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    Romans 10:5/10 ct…❤️k


  4. Good video on the ats I see playing from the lightside. But can you after say you win the point now come back on the don't, then place some box numbers for the hedge on the don't while still hol do ing on to the chance of hitting the ats. Thanks

  5. jacob, I like how the size of the pass line bet is equal to your ATS bet…if 7 appears, it replenishes the ATS. I have a question: do you have any strategies where you Lay all the Place Numbers on the Come out roll. (Logically, if a place number rolls, you only lose that particular Lay Bet. If the 7 hits, all the Lay Bets win money. And if a Horn number hits, the Lay bets are unaffected.) I really appreciate all your videos and insight. Thanks.

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