6 thoughts on “Craps Betting Strategy – $10 dollar don’t 22 inside laying the 10

  1. This is perfect I’m going to practice my betting against your roll

  2. Try the bone tracker it will provide you with your best set to throw

  3. Let it roll hi bro. Great video my friend. I think there’s a lesson in your video. If you review it you’ll see that there are a couple of decisions missing. You leave your bets up for too long and that craps bet in my opinion is loosing you money. I think this is why people who bet either go pass line or dark side. The mixed approach does not make profit. It keeps you in a game with a choppy table. In my opinion you need to take a risk (either way) and take more money management decisions. Avoid going on a tilt hoping for a long roll. Base everything on how long you roll on average and when you get there collect everything and work with profit only.

  4. 10 don't. 22 inside. 300.00 bank. Colored up for 685.00. Mostly on my shooting as I opened the table. And….check this 1.00 craps at squahomish Indian reservation in Washington… great strategy for small bank or to test table..

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