Craps Betting Strategy – Don’t Pass and Don’t Come – Beginners

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This video covers a craps betting strategy called the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come for Beginners. It covers the placing a don’t pass bet on the come out roll followed by two don’t come bets depending on which come out point is rolled.

Live Roll starts at 1:10
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Craps Betting Strategy – Don’t Pass and Don’t Come – Beginners

10 thoughts on “Craps Betting Strategy – Don’t Pass and Don’t Come – Beginners

  1. can you do a strategy for 25 dollar tables? at the lowest risk with a 300 dollar bank roll?

  2. Poorly done !!! Did not explain why you didn't place more bets on the " don't come bet ", did not explain why you did NOT place ODDS on your original bet, BAD VIDEO MAN !!!!

  3. hey Jeremy I'm new to the game but have been watching a lot of how to play videos and I am planning to play the the so called dark side, and the strategy I want to try would be a don't pass bet with max odds on a point of 4 or 10 and also place the six and eight. I see less of an advantage to play the don't come along with this strategy because the don't come loses when the number its on hits or the point hits.vs if I just play the don't pass my only threat is the point if it hits. Your thoughts ?

  4. always remember, it's your money your playing with, and you're not betting against the shooter. Dont know who conceived this idea. Actually, it's betting with the house (The Casino). That's how I play, seldom the pass line. Seems I get to play a little longer on the Don't Pass.

  5. Very good strategy for people who want to spend time at the casino tables without losing much money. As far as winning goes — you missed lots of opportunities in this session. Whenever you place a DC bet, it's smart to put $1 in the ELEVEN for that roll. Those times you got caught by the 11 in the DC, would have made you $10, or lost the $1 bet. It's a good thing to do.

    ALSO – try loading the DC for several rolls getting most of the numbers., or You can choose to say "No action" if a 6 or 8 rolls. If the shooter goes long and has made 10 rolls or more, this means you would have replaced the DC bets – losing them with repeat rolls – this is when you lay the odds (if you have the balls, and the bank roll to go for it). Soon the 7 is sure to come to put you in the winning margin. Only Guinness record books shooters get past 10 or 15 rolls per game!

    Lay the 5 and the NINE with 3 to 2 ratio. Avoid laying 4 or 10 where you must lay twice what you will win. Foxwoods, in Connecticut, allows 10 times lay bet odds. Use that to your advantage. Remember Lay-bets reflect true and correct odds. There's no percentage taken by the house. This is the fairest type bet in the entire casino. It's the only bet where you and the house are playing on an even field without an advantage on either side. Only Luck determines the winner at that point.

  6. Hey Color Up, what happens when the shooter bets on the don't pass? How does the game change shooters? If the don't pass shooter rolls a 7 he wins but does that mean he keeps rolling or does it change shooters?

  7. Really enjoy your videos. 36FullPress has a climb the ladder and blender strategy that works well and was wondering if you have seen it and can possibly do a review on it. Keep up the great work!!!

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