Craps Dice Control – How To ” Conservative bet ” Winning $$$$

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Dangerous Arm CK, Dangerous Arm casino killer
Dangerous Arm Craps Killer
How to be a Big Winner

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In this video CK shows
How To Make MONEY in the casino and leave with Profit .

This is a Different type of betting and it is nice that it doesnt
require a big bankroll.
This is a low bankroll , conservative type of betting style.
This is the type of betting where we get the casino’s money working for us.
Buy in at @150 dollars in chips

We did this for the viewer
so the viewer can get an idea of how CK bets on the table !

People were wondering how CK bets.

You will get a good Dose of that in this video.
No need for extended play, Ck wants to remain low key in the casino


We want our viewers to have a cool win rate of 80 to 90%. Which is very attainable with DICE CONTROL and Discipline ( not being or getting greedy )

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Dangerous Arm

Please watch: “Craps Dice Control Ep 160”


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Craps Dice Control – How To  ” Conservative bet ” Winning $$$$

10 thoughts on “Craps Dice Control – How To ” Conservative bet ” Winning $$$$

  1. do not stop what you're doing you and full press I started a class and a team because of you guys

  2. Brother the money is on the dark side, don't feel outcast because you bet that way with chicken feeders, I always bet that way until the dices come to me. I have been shooting for over 20 years before the boom of dice control, been playing at casinos and back alleys for years, good money management smart betting and dice setting plus don't pass line on the chicken feeders you are bound to make money. Good vids brother.

  3. What's the purpose of betting the pass/don't pass? Is it just because you need a line bet to shoot?

  4. When your point is 10……wouldn't you be better off taking odds on your (doey-don't) pass line bet…… you get true odds instead of the $9 for every 5 that is place bet on the 10?

  5. your videos, betting techniques , different sets, & I like learning the different grips, I have lived in Las Vegas, and survived for over 7 years just using the golden touch technique. I've seen the people you mentioned work . I would only play to $100.00 and go on to the next casino. DICE CONTROL WORKS. One thing your totally right about is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. BEFORE going into any casino. Even with much practice,and real table time, I still find it hard to use both the Hardway, and all seven sets.

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