Craps Dice Control Throw Ep.163 $2 Camera view$

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Craps Dice Control Throw
craps dice control Throw, Craps Dice Control
Rollin’ in Heavy traffic with the chips in the way stacked about 3in. for a more realistic simulation .

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Shooting from the END position 12 ft out using the SUPER GRIP
Ck using the Super Grip simulating play in the casino using chips, he makes a Nice profit on this one FAST .

Craps Dice Control is not easy but if you are willing to put the time in you can attain a skill that will pay your bills for life.
Dice control is to some conspiracy but to others in the know it is a HIDDEN GEM that once you have developed it no one can take it away. All you will need is a local casino or casino’s, a bank roll , the correct time to go, mental Focus, and a strong will, Big Kahuna’s and discipline cause this is not a game for the squemish. It is a very fun game which to some is very addictive.
Self Control which is another thing you will need to be a consistant winner at Craps. There are few elite that will let you in on very deeply kept SECRETS of Dice Control.
You have made it friend this is the STATION/ CHANNEL for Hard Core ADVANTAGE DICE CONTROL, for YOU to become a winner at the game of craps.
We will be showing many exercises and practices for you to do in your practice sessions for you to elevate you game.
Make sure to SUBSCRIBE and always SHARE the video’s that you like so we can SPREAD these Free video’s with any and everyone that plays the GAME OF CRAPS and wants to become winner.
We are not teachers, only HARD CORE ADVANTAGE Dice Controllers / Influencers . So we will talk and give instruction but MAINLY you will get to see an ELITE DICE CONTROLLER roll and talk you through what he is doing. So this way you the viewer can follow along and repeat and practice over and over and over again. What you have seen Dangerous Arm do and you over time can become Dangerous too.
A minimum of 1 hr a day is necessary to become proficient at Dice Control/ Dice Influence.
Oh you want to like DANGEROUS ARM CK…….hmmm, ok what you will need to do is definitely SUBSCRIBE and make sure to hit the BELL for notification so when we release our NEW Episodes you will be notified and wont miss any Episodes. So you’ve SUBSCRIBED now and Bell for notification, what you need to do is what the video’s we show and do the exercise’s we show in your practice sessions and you have to:
PRACTICE 3-5 HOURS PER DAY. This is how you will become Dangerous yourself at the Dice, of course you will have to be disciplined, self controlled , Focused , Determined Confident etc.
Then put it all together piece of cake. Sounds easy but it’s not but it is very real Dice Control / Dice Influencing of the dice.
Other than Bankroll and not being a GAMBLING ATTIC or have an ADDICTION problem.
It just takes alot of hard work so when you watch our video’s keep in mind not to get frustrated if at first you cannot perform like you see in our video’s.
Ck Has alot of HOURS in with the dice so he will make things look easy from time to time. With well over 45k DOCUMENTED ROLLS (SRR) Ck has reached a rare level of Dice control so listen up spread the video’s and get ready to start winning and wining and winning and winning.
If you have been playing craps for years and just couldnt get over the hump dont sweat it. We have your back over 160 + DICE CONTROL VIDEO’S and well known on the internet credibility. We are not selling Craps winning systems we are only giving you FREE advice from an ELITE Dc/DI so you can become a winner again and again. Craps is very sophisticated and we do not go all the way into some of these crazy betting etc. we show you HOW TO WIN PERIOD. Check it out we will SHOW YOU HOW TO WIN. Craps straight to the point no BS and always FRESH material.
The game of Casino Craps has changed for those who know dice control, they now have changed the surfaces OF THE CRAPS TABLEs in the Casino’s to make our job as Dice CONTROLLERS more difficult. You can now go to the casino and see dice flying off the TABLE on a regular basis which slows the game down. And which is not Profitable for the CASINO’S. But they now use a bounce type of felt with a small layer of CUSHION MATERIAL underneath that bouncy felt.
So what do you get a VERY BOUNCY TABLE so the dice fly off over and over again. (Same dice , different dice)They have done this to SHUT DOWN the Dice Controllers.
As a Craps Dice controller you will need to change the surface of your practice table from time to time from HARD SOFT SURFACE to SOFT BOUNCY surface.

We want our viewers to have a cool win rate of 80 to 90%. Which is very attainable with DICE CONTROL and Discipline ( not being or getting greedy )

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Keep Rollin & Winning

Dangerous Arm Craps Killer/ Casino killer ( CK )

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Craps Dice Control Throw    Ep.163   $2 Camera view$

5 thoughts on “Craps Dice Control Throw Ep.163 $2 Camera view$

  1. Ok here we go 2 angles trying this out. Seems to have some promise. I like it, it was alot of work for our regular viewers we hope this works for your liking. We wanted to be able to show the set up in the hand up close with the SUPER GRIP then flip to the other main camera for the decision. ( This was our first shot at it )
    We believe its a nice change up for our video's and we know this probably wont get the love it should but thats fine. We are committed to our SOLID regular viewers.
    Thanks Guys
    Dangerous Arm Ck
    Twitter: @ DangerousArm1

  2. Nice touch adding the second view. I sure appreciate what you are doing with those dice, but if you do really want some feedback on why views might be down, I might be able to give you some ideas. I don't want to post it here because this doesn't seem like the place to do anything but show our love for your killer skills. Maybe there's a way to connect with you elsewhere?

  3. CK, i dig your work. Thx for your effort. I think you could expect an increase in viewers if you improve your landing zone rig. People like to see something that looks more like the real thing(visually and dimensionally. Consider dropping the wood board. Most people would prefer to see a recognizable craps layout even if it is simply a cheap felt layout. The dice with holes drilled in them can make some question the results. Consider working only with new golden sealed dice.
    Again, I appreciate your work and am only throwing out some things that I feel could get some more eyeballs on the vids.

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