10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — $200 – $300 Bank Roll Strategy

  1. Hello Ken Lumley
    Hope I answered your questions….and we got the results you were looking for.
    Thanks again for the questions & comments
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  2. Hey Ken
    Nice hearing from you again. I was working the $22 on the come outs & I’m always on.
    As always Thanks for watching my Videos

  3. Hey Daytime Studios
    Thanks for following me and thanks for the comment on my table. The purpose of my videos is to introduce Strategies & Ideas I’m glad you feel the same….and yes I do watch Color Up he has some great videos we both have some similar strategies.

  4. Hey Mel I learn a lot from your videos thank you it makes me a better player keep up the good work Larry Aiea

  5. Hello Larry
    I’m glad you’re watching and learning from my videos. I think your son ordered some shirts from me for you if I’m not mistaken. If you’re ever on Maui give me a shout and we can get together.
    Thank you for the compliment 😎

  6. Hey education
    I don’t take my bets completely down. I do digrees my bets…I wanna always be in the game just Incase the shooter gets on a long roll.
    Thanks for the question 👍

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