10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — The $75 Short Game ( Viewer Requested )

  1. Aloha Kaleo
    To be honest I never laid the 4 or 10 for the simple reason like I don’t care to make a bet where I get paid only
    Half of my bet if I win & then pay a 5% commission on top of that. But I have seen people do that and sometimes they win
    And sometimes they lose. Then again maybe if the table is bad then maybe betting a 4 or 10 could work. It’s like when I make a Don’t Come Bet of $100 I’m hoping for my number for that DC bet be a 4 or 10 while I Place $110 Inside. That way the DC will hedge my $110 and after hitting some of my points I can down my bets and hedge the DC. The problem with any strategy is that you need the table to be in your favor.
    I will probably try the lay bet a few times while practicing and see how it works out. I’ll need to do it a few times because the table changes constantly.
    Thanks for your question
    Aloha & Keep Them Dice Rolling 👍

  2. Hello Uncle Angelo
    Thanks for your comment. I keep an eye on your videos also and you also have some good strategies. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks again really appreciate it👍👍

  3. Aloha… thanks for the video… a question. With the first hit why hold back $5?? You covered the 5,6, & 8 so why not place it in the field???

  4. Aloha Martin
    If you noticed I kept the $5 to press my point of 5 up to $35. That way if the 5/9 would hit I would collect $49 instead of $35 if my 5/9 was only $25. Also if I put the $5 in the field and it didn’t win I would be short $5 for my press up. After you make your 3 hits and you want to play the field go right ahead. I hope that answers your question.
    Thanks for your question & please subscribe if you haven’t already 👍

  5. Hello Peter Giers
    I’m glad you enjoyed the strategy.
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  6. That's right, bro .. you get to the top of the tallest ladders…still one rung at a time.
    Read Romans 10:5/10,

  7. Hi Mel,
    When you set up your $75 ($30 +$30 +$15) and throw a 6 or 8, you lose your $15 field bet and make $35 for your hit on the 6 or 8. You then place the 5 and 9 for
    $15 each from the $35 that you won. You continue to play and when you finally decide to tally up you do not take into account the $15 loss on your original field
    bet so you over assess your winnings by $15. Am I correct or did I miss something?
    I plan to try your system or a modification of it the next time I hit the craps table.


  8. Hi Mel,
    Thanks for your time and effort. I sometimes play at California when I visit Vegas. It would be great to run into you there.
    I live in Canada so don't have any plans of visiting anytime soon.
    Stay safe!


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