10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — The One Important Thing You Should Do at the Table

  1. Hey Jason M
    I too enjoy waking up to see new comments & subscribers. It’s even better than waking up to a great smell of coffee LOL

  2. I tip at the end and that is because they know me and call me by name..I also tip when I lose even if I'm down a few hundred, after all it's not their fault I lost.

  3. Hey Batoot Cat
    They know you by Name…You must be Somebody. All kidding aside that’s great that you tip them & because they know you by name, it must be somewhere you go to quite often. But in somewhere like Vegas people come & go so often they feel no one knows me here so some don’t tip.
    Appreciate you sharing👍

  4. Mel, you are so right about tipping the crew. I usually throw a dollar on each of my place bets and say player controlled so they take or press right along with me. They always appreciate the tips and look out for my action.

  5. Hey Cheese
    I’m glad you tip the same way I do. Exactly like you said..they appreciate the tips and do look out for your action. 👍

  6. Great video again! I like the follow me tip! That’s awesome! And literally has them following you as they get paid too! I love the Two way hard ways and the All Tall Small, so I include $1-2 on each for the boys too!
    I find that people who don’t really tip much end up tipping more when the see dealers responding to players who do! Good lesson for newbies too! Cuz I wish I new when I started. They tend to teach more when tipped better. Go figure.

  7. Hey Gordon Parks
    Great to hear from you again 😎
    Yep tipping helps…especially if you got them on the same bets as you. They won’t want to lose their tips so they’re cheering for the points to keep coming….they are now vested in the game along with you. If there is a discrepancy in a call they will try to make the call (as much as they possibly) in your favor cause they got $$$$ on the bet also.
    Thanks for your continued support 👍😎

  8. Howzit 36FullPress
    I was watching you today. Rolling your 36rolls. You had a lot of numbers rolled that was great. I only watched till the 7 came out and you said you were going to continue the rest of your 36 rolls later. Sorry I can’t do the 36 roll challenge cause I’m not at home. My house is being fumigated and I can’t stay in the house. Also Sunday is my golf tournament. LOL I’m looking for a good DC system although I’m a Pass Man.
    Sometimes the tables are so bad you just gotta go to the Dark Side.
    I notice that your a Dark Side guy most of the time since your videos project that. I have some DC systems but always looking for more.
    Thanks for the invite and keep them Videos Coming👍

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