10 thoughts on “CRAPS! IRON CROSS FROM THE LAY 5!!!

  1. I'm going to show my wife this,,,she only plays the Iron Cross… great video. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi Jacob, I do a similar high-roller version of this strategy and it works amazingly well. Gotta love it when EVERY number you roll wins except the lay number. It's especially hard when the lay gets knocked off, but it's reassuring to know that you're collecting with every roll.

  3. This style has worked for me far more often than not. I will usually play with a roll limit (not a # of hits limit). Usually 3-5 rolls depending on what the table is doing for average rolls until my profits are up enough to take a hit on the lay (OR I'll cut the Lay back to a smaller amount after X hits and ride it out waiting for the 7). The one tweak I would suggest is that instead of using the 5, use the 9 (same odds in play, same payments) however my reason to do that is that if you are Laying the 9 and the shooter does roll the 9, you at least get a minimal break in that the Field bet wins (as opposed to Laying the 5 and rolling a 5 and you lose the Field). Thanks for the video … Roll On !

  4. I like this a lot. Never tried it, nor though of it. Good alternative when playing the don't and getting knocked off on come-out rolls and point getters.

  5. I dont play iron cross often but when I do I Lay 5 until I have profit to Place 5 then move Lay to 9. Then if my Lay gets hit the Field 9 takes some sting outta loss. Why do we ever fight big red?!?

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