Craps play: Laying the 5 strategy.

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I’ve been known to Lay the 5 situationally when playing craps. here’s a look at how I sometimes do it.

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Craps play: Laying the 5 strategy.

10 thoughts on “Craps play: Laying the 5 strategy.

  1. always wondered where the name 555 came from….now i know ………..thanks ddp1

  2. Great video.
    Not my style.
    But I totally understand how you say this is a situational play.
    It's always good to have options in the playbook.

  3. Thanks Greg, I like the clarification, “situational”, so it’s a play to have in your toolbox and use sparingly when the run of the dice suggests that the table is due to go cold on the 5’s. Not really something I would use regularly, but never say never. My main issue with chase strategies is that abnormally long streaks of numbers happen all too often, so the bankroll required to ensure that you outlast the streak is too rich for my level of play. Cheers. Rob

  4. Hi again greg another great video,been playing for about two years and doing pretty good.But the one thing I have learned that is most important if i want to prosper at the game of craps is that I need to check my emotions at the door.Emotions are what cause me to chase and lose.As you well know 90% of successful gambling is good money management.I practice self restraint until its second nature.No crazy bets because I lost the last one.I limit my progressive betting.And most of all play smart.I am also a dont player.because that is the smart play on the table.Thx again I consider myself a bet controller rather than a dice controller

  5. Don't you need to pay the vig of 5% on the 5 lay? I think a $1 each win!

  6. Can you add 2 or 3 more tiers? I know it would be a lot but could you figure it out for me? I’m gonna try this in Vegas.

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