9 thoughts on “Craps Playing the 6 & 8

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  2. Some books talk about protecting yourself from the 7. Calculate how much this "protection" is costing you and you will realize it does nothing. For example, lay the 4 or 10 for 40$ – costs you a $1 vig – out of the 36 decisions of the dice you will lose 3 times or $123, you will win $20 payout 6 times (7) for $120 – Lose 3$ every 36 rolls.Remember the dice have no memory so it doesn't matter when you put it up and take it down.

  3. Folks there's only one way to play dice first of all practice dice control it works second of all bet heavy on the six and eight once you hit a six or eight bring your bet down to the minimum and throw out thirdly only bet on yourself unless there is another person at the table using dice control.

  4. One more thing use the 3 V set this set allows you to hit the maximum number of sixes and eight

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  6. taking profit is a good management skill. Great video do some more it reminds me to take profit…

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