Craps Shooters Stacked Grip VARIATION | Fast Roll |

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Craps Shooters Stacked Grip VARIATION | Fast Roll | Remember the first 10 Rolls!! ok guys we are using the stacked grip with a Little variation, landing 2-3 inches out from the wall. Also the flight of the dice are like a rainbow throw.
Tips to help at the end of the video.
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Craps Shooters Stacked Grip VARIATION | Fast Roll |

10 thoughts on “Craps Shooters Stacked Grip VARIATION | Fast Roll |

  1. What's up my brother; that's right you should have multiple grips and set's…. that's the only way you will be great in dice control 🤙🏽🤙🏽

  2. A special treat today dropping soon.
    STACKED Grip Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥,
    All tall small ….. Big money Stacked Grip.
    I am glad this grip is working for so many of you , keep it. Up
    Thanks KS for viewing guys

  3. CK, hello again.  I have a question; on some of the numbers you place more than one marker chip on the box.  Sometimes different colors, I don't think you explained the reason for it.  I know you hit a hard way you mark it with a blue chip, or if you hit the point you place another color chip.  Can you explain it during one of your videos please?  Keep working hard brother!

  4. CK, I just forgot to say appreciate all the work and honest dialog you put into your videos.  You are real brother!  It comes out in the video.  There's not a phony bone in your body! Love watching you!!  You make it fun!

  5. Man it'd be great to actually meet some people who follow CK at an actual casino. Could you imagine a bunch of us destroying a craps table?

  6. I see what you mean about having a bad day. Couldn't get anything going yesterday. Walked away and came back later and still couldn't do anything. It can be frustrating.

  7. Add the stacked throw think your right left and right handed like rocky paning out the gold.used different joints

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