Craps Strategy 96 Across Pressing to 1000 | Vegas Trip Story | Padlock & KING DICE

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KING DICE is a passionate controlled shooter who, once introduced to the wonderful world of Controlled Shooting & Dice Influence, decided to share as much knowledge and information on the subjects as possible. Starting out, KD found that it was not easy to find information on the game of craps in general, but specifically the exciting prospect of Dice Control and Controlled Shooting. King Dice then took it upon himself to introduce his own techniques as well as share his journey into the world of Dice Influence which is what has brought us this channel today.

KINGDICE TECHNOLOGY is the affectionate term we use for techniques and ideas we discuss on the channel and you can often hear us or our viewers use this term when speaking about Dice Control, Dice Setting, Betting or Dice Influence.

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Thank you for checking out our video or visiting our channel! Our main purposes for this channel are to teach how to play the game of craps, and introduce you to the key concepts of Dice Control, Setting & Influence.

The videos provided are intended for training and entertainment purposes only.

If you suspect that you or someone you know has a gambling addiction, please feel free to contact the Gamblers Anonymous helpline at 800-522-4700.

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Craps  Strategy 96 Across Pressing  to 1000 | Vegas Trip Story | Padlock & KING DICE

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy 96 Across Pressing to 1000 | Vegas Trip Story | Padlock & KING DICE

  1. Just tried this in the garage with myself and the wife . 96 across 2 -3 rolls a person at each position . 2500 after all said and done . Great strategy. That was the 2nd time the first time 7ed got to the 2 position 2nd roll and 7ed but only 96 really out of pocket. 2nd time payed off though. Like the strategy

  2. Very interesting and our place is loaded with locals that you can identify as shooters and nonshooters. We have two guys that will seven out on their first or second roll almost everytime. Love the excitement and energy. You ever come to the east coast, please let me know, IV got to meet ya and see ya work.

  3. $18 6 hits for $21 need to drop $3 to go to $42 or you have to just place $36 and rack $3. $40 is not a proper place bet on 6 or 8.

  4. Hell yeah we had a badass time at the grand at the end of the night …. Ed we both went on monster rolls using kings tips all night bro…. Everyone stay blessed up.

  5. Sup KD was nice meeting you and playing some dice. Thanks for the swag, whiskey…didnt go to waste lol. Yep, watched the strategy in action, definitely did well.

  6. 15 dollar 5 or 9 pays 21 press to 36.. 35 pays 49 or 50 for 1 36 even though not proper will just pay the for 1 and give you 50.. Same as a 42 dollar 6 or 8 pays 49 play the extra dollar for 43 dollar pays 50.. to green to black to purple asap.. then run like hell a winner

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