9 thoughts on “Craps strategy. Anything but 10!!

  1. On your first session …Why are you leaving the point six up on the place ? Why not move it to the odds for the pass line and place a nine ?

  2. I like the idea but here in Colorado we have that dreaded $100 max limit so I’ve been practicing low roller $10 on 5-$12 on 6/8 with $5 field and $5 pass- still works but at much lower level and if I get to 5 hits then use single$1 to hedge 10 by hard way and hop easy 10 just to reduce losing all $100 when 10 or 4 hit-KEEP IT GOING👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Yea i under stand it a little better 5 hits in down in then wait for it gets back to u to shoot again awesome content ty yes hitting the 7 is a winner that is a good feeling

  4. So you do 5 hits and you layout is exactly $420, therefore the system should be called "FIVE HITS OF 420"…..lol

  5. Hi , do you like this 5 hits and down better than with the 6/8 and or the come back bets laying the 10?

  6. Thanks Jacob, yet another very sound strategy. I prefer your previous strategy of $100 lay on 4 or 10 with $24 each 6 and 8, then spreading to the other numbers as you collect and moving the lay between the 4 and 10 as they hit. I have tweeted that to an $18 each 6 and 8 with a $10 5 or 9, then spreading and half pressing each hit. If you can control your shot to avoid a 4 or 10 then both these strategies are gold, but even with random shooters they remain sound. Only a ridiculous run of 4’s and 10’s will hurt you. Cheers

  7. This my all time favorite play of yours. I would play this myself without hesitation. I'd probably martingale any lay 10 losses two times more.

  8. When I first saw this video, i thought laying $300 on ten (10), that's crazy! Then I tried it out against not laying the 10 – THIS SYSTEM IS AMAZING! I have played variations, like, I do not like the field bets because when you hit a box 5,6 or 7 you do not get the full payout because you need to reset the field. By placing the 5,6,8,and 9 and then adding the 4, I had a better out come. Great videos, love learning from you! Keep it up.

  9. also, I am an advantage shooter and never tried the 1-3/ 1-3. MAN, much better numbers. Thanks

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