Craps strategy. Anything but 10!! ++ DONT’S

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Here I show more of how versatile the Anything but 10 is. Basically every betting style is available to be supported by the anything but 10. Because it takes away the 7 the possibilities are endless!

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Craps strategy. Anything but 10!! ++ DONT’S

8 thoughts on “Craps strategy. Anything but 10!! ++ DONT’S

  1. Thanks Jacob, I like this one! My variation is $18 each 6 and 8 with $10 on either 5 or 9, then spread and half press. I also switch between 4 and 10 for the lay as they get hit. I have not yet added the DC, but I like that idea to cover any presses. Perhaps I could alternate between pressing and the DC. So far it has worked well in practice, but I’ll see how adding the DC works. I’m thinking that on longer rolls, I should take down the lay and just use the DC as cover. I agree with and like your “no 10” concept, I’m just wary of such a little reward each roll when using the iron cross, as well as the big hit when the 10 is rolled. That is why I prefer to spread and half press, then just miss when horn numbers are rolled. Also, the half collects and presses generally cover the occasional hit on the 4 or 10. Craps is certainly more interesting when playing around with these ideas. Cheers

  2. What about $200 lay 10, $30 6&8? That way you basically win $35 on every 6 7 and 8

  3. I understand the principles behind this strategy but i can't tell how much you are putting on the ten…50? 75? 100? and i dont understand how much it pays (is it a but bet? a lay bet?)when a 7 is rolled, please elaborate.

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