Craps Strategy CASINOS HATE THIS ( Fast Money )

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Craps Strategy CASINOS HATE THIS ( Fast Money )
Dangerous Arm Craps, this is just my opinion how I Now see the game of Craps. Making your game as hidden as possible, preserving your skill to make money over and over LOW KEY for the long run.

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Craps Strategy CASINOS HATE THIS ( Fast Money )

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy CASINOS HATE THIS ( Fast Money )

  1. Very important lesson.
    Hit all 2x in 3days at same casino in Vegas. Once u gain that confidence store it inside.
    Off off off off is very important to keep money safe.
    Great videos all around.

  2. Wtf?
    All this dudes videos are bullbad like
    “hey look here, ima show you some bad, but I ain’t gonna show you right now” and bla bla bla bla see here I’m so damn good I gotta hide it…
    lol lol lol lol
    love yeah ima git sum bad goin on
    Fools! Don’t buy it.
    Casinos love this guy, he probly works for one

  3. I always double my don't pass and lay 6 X lay with continuous don't come bets (with 6 X lay) when I play with a dice setter. They roll a whole bunch of number then 7 out, I get the whole line set up many times before a 7. Love these guys.

  4. Thank u body, see in Vegas next year, what casino you play, that is if you are throwing Vegas?

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