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  1. Good evening CK. Another great video….. I like to capitalize on all my throws as well, I do the Iron Cross, last time I was in casino I got greedy was up $180.00 in first 20 min. I had the table to myself for 10 min. But I did not leave there for it was up down up, down till I lost….. Still mad at myself that Discipline I need to work on…. Thanks for all you do SIR!

  2. CK is right you gotta hit it and quit it. When I roll at casino I use what I call the 3 5 rule. I leave my money out till I hit 3 numbers or 5 rolls…whichever comes first then I pull my bets. Its hard to lose when you play this way. You won't have those monster rolls that make you 1000 or more but will greatly reduce your losses. I average around 75 to 150 profit per turn w the dice.

  3. Hey CK it would be cool if you did a video on how to build a solid bankroll outside the game. One of the biggest challenges for most people is coming up w the money to gamble w that they can afford to lose. This ultimately is the first hurdle any player has to clear in the game. I think your channel is awesome and I think adding videos that cover more aspects of the game would really complete and enhance your channel. Thanks for all the knowledge.

  4. CK,  I'm back watching you work looking for more inspiration!  I do have a question for you.  If I start out with 64 across and I get five or six rolls in with increasing bets, how do I decide when to pull my money down?  Do I go up and then down to the minimum and keep rolling ?Thanks for your info brother!

  5. I use this today did pretty good dangerous actually shot it from the back I had a 8 and a 16 and then I did throw it three times and then I seven out. Went in with a hundred left with 157 I'll take it.

  6. Did really good today using this again today. Had many 4,10's and 3's. Throwing from stick left one. 25-35 minute roll. I did pull bets down and kept throwing it. Had a couple 8's as well. I was about to buy the 4 and 10 but I'm not familiar with buying them. Had a few hard 4's and 10's many softs. 3,1-4 and 6,4-10. Any advice on buying the 4 or 10? Threw from stick left 1 today.

  7. hey dude, thanks for all your valuable insites. my average is up to 20-35 in 3 months of every day practice

  8. thank you DA. gonna have to practice this 6/4 6/3. I did practice your inline 5/4 1/4. SOR 16-20. been doing great @ casino playing short game

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