5 thoughts on “Craps Strategy from “Craps Down Under” —Laying the Box Numbers

  1. The doubling up will hurt you a lot more as you get knocked off. As a rule you only need to press up by 25% to maintain a profit margin and cover accumulated losses.

  2. I like laying the 4 r 10 on the comeout for 30$ with a 15$ dont pass! Whatever number is rolled I chase it with my 30$ lay every roll! If I lose my lay bet I just double it and continue chasing every number rolled until a 7 out! I play the hardways ( square pair) for 1$ each as well! It does really well! Especially when you 7 out when your lay is on a 6 r 8! If I hit my point I go to a 30$ dont and a 60$ lay!

  3. If you lay the back wall I think you take it off till the next come out. Some of the strongest showing of 8s in recent memory on this video

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