Craps Strategy – The Across Multiplier – HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD to win at craps!

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High Risk High Reward Strategy for those that have GUTS!

Thanks to Tim for submitting this strategy to try!

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Craps Strategy – The Across Multiplier – HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD to win at craps!

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – The Across Multiplier – HIGH RISK HIGH REWARD to win at craps!

  1. Yep. You’re right. High risk.

    My change would be to put 5x odds on INSIDE Points. Not on 4,10

  2. Love your videos.
    You and Color Up are my definite favorites.
    Just a suggestion to help speed up your videos…. Instead of rolling across the table, just throw the dice straight down as if you were playing a boardgame, like Monopoly.
    You're not showing any throwing technique, so don't bother with proper throwing etiquette.
    That'll shave 3 to 5 seconds from each roll, and place more focus on the actual betting strategy.

  3. Just a silly question. I know there are tables which offer 10x odds but most tables are 3x4x5x odds. So the 4&10 would only be allowed 3x odds right?
    How would that affect Tim’s strategy?

  4. Your don’t strategy probably would have been the way to go with the way the dice were ending up. Lol
    Good video as always bro.👍🎲

  5. Very interesting strategy just seems like you got to have some good rolls for it to work. Another great vid, keep em coming Brother!

  6. Great video Rick. Thanks for running it through till the bitter end. Sometimes it works great and sometimes it’s nasty like that. You are correct if it’s not working out, change it up to what the dice are doing. It may be “a dumb ass system” but if that’s the way I want to spend MY time and MY money, it’s all fun and games. LOL
    Thanks again Rick

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