5 thoughts on “Craps strategy. Trying different Martin gales!!

  1. would you ever martingale a lay bet?
    I do like that with martingaling these place numbers you get a little more back on a hit, which can add up over time too.

  2. I think the only way for a field martingale to work is if you roll lots of 2's and 12's when you have 4 or 5X stakes at risk… so if you start with a $5 field the progression goes like 5, 15, 35, 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200 it goes up pretty quick if you hit a 2 or12 after 5 misses you'd win $600 with $300 at risk… big way to lose if you miss you're basically hoping for 2 out of your 7 numbers on the field at the extreme ends to come through for you… I don't recall you rolling too many 2's and 12's today…. I agree with your points of using a place number

  3. I tried this earlier this summer on my simulator game. Works quite well if you’re willing to be patient. You can make a nice chunk of change!

  4. the only way to martingale the field is to hop the easy 6 and 8 with a 12 dollar bet on the field. now you bought the 6 and 8 into the field. now the field is a better bet than the numbers. you only can loose with a 5 or 7. if you martingale correctly you have a 66% win rate. very high win rate. i call my system field day. 1st bet $12 on the field, hop easy 6, $1 dollar on the 4&2 =6 and $ 1 dollar on 5&1=6. hop the easy 8, 1 dollar $ 5&3=8 and $1 dollar 6&2=8. total bet is $12 +4= $ 16 dollars by the way hop bets pay $ 15 for 1. so if a easy 6 or 8 come out you loose $ 12 in field, but get paid $12 on the hop. break even. if the field wins you win $12 and loose the hop bet you make $8. great system. yours for free.

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