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Craps table DIY

8 thoughts on “Craps table DIY

  1. I just built one myself. That looks like the Valara underlay. Don't get it. It is too bouncy. My second attempt I used some heavy flannel underneath and I liked it much better. You really needed to buy the rubber pyramid piece to get the true effect of what the dice will do. Which he didn't do.

  2. @Drewriders maybe you need to go with the 1/8 inch thick type of Volara foam? I would imagine 1/4 is way too thick but I think some tables have that thickness as well it all depends where you happen to be playing I think.
    I believe adding the felt over the foam might deaden the bounce if it were 1/8" thick..thoughts?
    How is your rig now ?

  3. @dontswin – What I did was buy some heavy flannel and put it under the felt. I think it is a little more realistic.
    I think the foam is way too bouncy and everything I have found online none of the casinos use the foam. I even tried newspaper but it was just too uneven.

  4. Drewriders….

    So, you're saying that what this dude is using gives a false effect of how the dice roll with the green diamond backings?? Im looking at doing the same thing this guy did, but over my 8' pool table. I like the simplicity of having just 6 boards, and not a complete rail, like a conventional craps table…but, maybe Im just bein cheap and lazy?!…

  5. There is nothing wrong with what he did. It is just for practice afterall. He didn't throw any dice in the vid so you don't get to see how the dice react. I was just trying to share with my experience. Also, the Valara underlay 'dents' so you can end up with very odd bounces you won't see on a real table. I still never got the underlay right.

  6. A regulation Vegas craps table is just hardwood with felt over it. There is nothing there to soften the landing of the dice. Vegas tables are very bouncy cause the hard surface. Don't listen to people trying to put underlay. Don't believe. Go tap on a real craps table with your finger. Feels like knocking on a solid wood door. And those pyramid rubbers are critical for practicing

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