Craps Team Play with a Waylon’s Way Strategy ($300 each player)

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In this video I review the possibility of combining bankrolls for some team play. It utilizes a variation of Waylon’s Way Crap’s “Doc Holliday” strategy. By combining bankrolls, both players can play the strategy by splitting the box numbers into uptown and downtown. The inside numbers will feed the 4&10 and you bank the winning anytime you hit those numbers.
Waylon’s Way Craps rollout:

How to Play:
1. Player 1 buys the 4 for $25, the 5 for $10, and the 6 for $12. Player 2 buys the 10 for $25, the 9 for $10, and the 8 for $12
2. If the 5 or 6 hits, press the 4 by $10 and rack $4. If the 8 or 9 hits, press the 10 by $10 and rack $4.
3. If the 4 or 10 hits, collect winnings and reduce both to $25
4. Repeat base bet after 7 out.
5. If either player is the shooter, they play the pass line and the partner plays the don’t pass line in order to hedge each other.

The opinions in this video are not guaranteed or warranty to produce any particular result. This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only. I am a novice play and produce these videos to spread my love of the game.
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Craps Team Play with a Waylon’s Way Strategy ($300 each player)

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