Cruise Ship Casinos: What You Need To Know BEFORE Playing!

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I delve into gambling in cruise ship casinos to discover how to play, what to focus on and how cruise passengers use gambling to unlock perks, freebies, heavily discounted and free cruises – without seemingly gambling much money. Whether you are a small and timid player of slot machines or a big fan of playing the tables, you will discover all you need to know before playing.


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How to Gamble on a cruise to unlock perks – How it really works by someone who does it

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00:00 Start
00:40 All have casinos?
01:10 casino watch-outs?
01:18 worse odds?
02:18 table minimums?
02:48 less intimidating?
03:56 opening hours?
04:23 age limits?
04:49 games available?
06:01 cash or card?
07:17 drinks?
07:42 land perks?
08:07 similarities to land casinos?
08:14 smoking?
08:32 taxes?
09:06 how to get free cruises?
12:13 responsible gambling?

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Cruise Ship Casinos: What You Need To Know BEFORE Playing!

9 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Casinos: What You Need To Know BEFORE Playing!

  1. Good information for those who like to gamble. I however, am not in that group. When I was 15 or 16 I remember my dad taking us for a drive in Atlantic City and pointing to some giant casino saying "just remember those big buildings with all the flashy lights were not built by people taking money out of them." Over the course of my life I've known a few people who got into serious trouble gambling and it's kinda soured me on the whole thing. YMMV

  2. I remember 5 yrs ago on royal Caribbean . You could learn for free on days that are empty table. Usually when they open early and is just empty inside.. If someone would want to place a bet you would've to exit the table. I haven't try recently cuz I'm not interested in casino but wanted to share my exp.

  3. I also played $2/$5 no limit Holdem cash poker games daily and tournaments on sea days on the Celebrity Beyond this past September. It’s a lot of fun and very social – some of the cruise lines used to have these automated poker tables (no actual dealers), but I think most have gone back to live dealers. However, there is usually only one live poker table and they won’t run a cash game unless at least 5 players are seated. Definitely recommended if you like poker – its very chill and social!

  4. You’d have to be VERY naive to believe for a second that ship casinos are are just throwing around free cruises and that its possible to get ahead by “smart” play. Really, do these people think they can beat the cruise line’s entire team of mathematicians and actuaries? The casino exists only for one reason – to extract money from you, as quickly as possible.

    You have lost a lot of credibility by repeating this nonsense, Gary,

  5. Whether on land or at sea, the casinos have reduced the blackjack payout from 3/2 to 6/5 which eliminates the players advantage so absolutely avoid the 21 tables with the 6/5 payout. Never play slots but if you insist, always bet max for best payout odds.

  6. If they want people to gamble, why make so many rules which they get mad if you don't follow? I don't want to gamble, but also never will because I "don't know how"

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