Dice Control: The Trinity Method: A New Method of Playing Craps!

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The Most Revolutionary Breakthrough in the History of Craps Has Just Been Made Available to the Public

Introducing the TRINITY METHOD

******** Discover the Pinnacle of Evolution for Winning at Craps. ********
The TRINITY METHOD Now Makes Winning at Craps Your Destiny . . .
Craps players can reverse this situation now using this revolutionary new way to overcome the casino’s edge at the dice tables.
When you watch your winnings at craps skyrocket using the Trinity Method, you’ll notice the odds favoring you while you trim the casino’s take.
The Trinity Method course materials include:
∆ Instructional Videos with live casino data (13 videos delivering over 5 hours of training)
∆ Owner’s Manual including over 40 pages of instructional procedures and exhibits
∆ Unique Digital Charts
∆ Betting Option worksheet
∆ Casino Checklist
∆ Lifetime technical assistance and support

Prepare to be astounded. Using the Trinity Method consistently increases your winning rate at craps and will boost your bankroll beyond anything you’ve witnessed. The reason for this is because the Trinity Method works, and it is so shockingly effective.
The Trinity Method interactive course teaches you how to observe the craps tables and recognize both positive and negative indicators. You will no longer be playing blindly like more than 90% of today’s craps players that assume that every casino table is the same. Learning to recognize these Negative Indicators will probably save your bankroll more than tenfold the cost of the Trinity Method even if you never make a Trinity Method bet.

From Travis McGee – Developer of the Trinity Method, October, 2016:

“With The Trinity Method, I now win over 95% of my bets made in live casino action.
This allows me to win over 88% of my casino sessions.
I currently have a streak of 22 straight winning sessions spanning over 30 hours of live casino play. This included:
• The first 19 casino sessions produced a net winning payoff on EVERY roll that a bet was made … How many times have you played craps and won a net payoff on every single roll you played!
• On my 20th session, I lost on 1 roll, but I had 9 winning bets that still produced a net winning session.
• On my 21st session, I lost on 1 roll, but I had 12 winning bets that still produced a net winning session.
• My 22nd session again produced a net winning payoff on every craps roll bet.
How many craps players can walk away from 1 craps session and say they received a winning payoff on every dice roll bet!
I have only lost on 2 actual rolls of the dice in the past 22 casino sessions spanning over 30 hours of live casino play.”

The Trinity Method is not restricted to experienced craps players. It is for everyone – advanced players and beginners. People who have never even been in a casino can learn the Trinity Method and can pocket the same kind of profits as seasoned players utilizing the Trinity Method.

Due to the sensitive and proprietary nature of the course material, potential buyers of the Trinity Method will need to follow a four-step application process:

1st – Reach out to TrinityMethod@protonmail.com to request the License and Nondisclosure Agreement to be sent to you.
2nd – Sign the License and Nondisclosure Agreement which will then be sent back to Trinity Method Society, Ltd.
3rd – Once we receive your executed Trinity Method License and Nondisclosure Agreement, we will record it in our Trinity Method Society, Ltd. bylaws. We will then provide information to make payment. Once payment has been made, we will then provide you with instant access to the course materials. Next, we will then email you the Trinity Method Owner’s Manual.

Once you’ve learned the Trinity Method and have practiced enough to correctly apply it at the craps tables, you’ll finally experience the satisfaction and excitement of being a consistent winner at casinos anywhere in the world.

For an investment of $933.00 you can become a Trinity Method License Owner. Licensees usually recover their cost of the Trinity Method in as little as 2 casino sessions.

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Dice Control: The Trinity Method: A New Method of Playing Craps!

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  1. 👌 at the end of the video it states" 5 hours of training with live casino data". Do you mean live from your studio or live from a real casino??? How much of a bank roll is needed for a casino trip??

  2. When you say the system involves "tracking numbers" it reminds me of what professional blackjack players do. They "track" the cards, and when the deck is favorable, they either 'bet' or they 'bet more' than they have been betting.

  3. I don't want to sound like a downer, and, Koganinga, I totally respect you, have purchased your whole set of videos, but I've gotten SO burned by something like this before – "Level 4" or some nonsense like that. They had dozens of us spending from $1000 to $3000, after signing the NDA, and he kept stringing us along, until he finally just vanished with our money. Please, we all know (sorry, have been told) that there is absolutely no way to predict the dice, since there is no "memory", and you can't count as in Blackjack.

    Please let us know the difference, the reason we should invest $1000 for something that should not work.

  4. to make a lot of sales there has to be LIVE demos at a CASINO .. Do that im interested.

  5. I can under stand having hert arm so way not use the other arm i started right handed all the practiced takes a toll can´t wright with thoughting lefty has less force because its less dominet if you can shoot with two guns you can through both arms try throw the dice with a small gap in between i have been play with at home it gives me a more even back wall roll back put a v in the gap to hit a 12 on none prefect throw trying new things some times 12 2 are needed for the all in all bets my reasent practice through 4 4s 3 5s6 6s 2 8s 3 9s 1 12. At the boat through a30 about

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