10 thoughts on “Dice control, winning at craps 4/2 2/4 set

  1. Bone Thrower your videos inspired me to try my hand at Craps yesterday. This was the first time I have ever tried Craps or Shot dice. Here is the set up.

    $5 min table. 10 players to start. I was standing SR3. I played some shooters (too many) before me and was having fun. When the dice were passed to me, I was so pumped, but so nervous. The last thing I wanted was a Point-7. I chose to set up my dice using the Hardway set (4-4-2-2) and tried to throw using the pendulum swing. After I came out, I min bet the inside and the Field. When I hit next, I placed the 4 and 10 and removed the Field bet. I am pleased to say that I threw 13 rolls before my 7 out. In those 13 rolls, I shot points twice and made some decent money for the table. I ended the trip playing for 2.5hrs, learning a ton and leaving down $45 Canadian.

    Major learnings…

    No need to play Max bets every shooter. Use a $1 Fire or Hardway bet to still give "action" and wait for the dice.
    For the Come Out throw, put $1 Any Craps on your $5 Pass line for insurance.
    Don't be greedy. Take down your bets after 3-5 winning hits. I ended up giving back too much not knowing when to Take Down!

    I still have a lot to learn but WHAT A BLAST! Thanks, Bone Thrower.

    BTW, I ordered some dice to practice!

  2. I was stick right one today, bought in for $150 at a $15 min table. Usually play the 6/8 and field most of the time. Ended up rolling for 1 hour and 20 mins! I hit 5 points, and I won someone $36,000 and another one $24,000. I ended up making about $2,000 on the roll, I could have pressed a lot more but I must have rolled about 40 times I bet. It was incredible, the pit boss pulled me aside and said over $70,000 was paid out on my roll! I used the 2-4 set dice every single throw and it was all because of this video I watched a few weeks ago! Just wanted to share this with you…thanks again…

  3. Bone thrower love ur videos they really help ur the best question can u paractice on a 8 ft.table got a chance of buying one

  4. Bone Thrower you are the mannnnnnn. As I'm on the line waiting to cash in my chips, I just want you n your fans know that I just finished rolling using this set n I was on the table for a long time I didn't count my rolls but if I had to guess it was about 13 to 15.

  5. SR v SOR? I thought you work your numbers on the come out roll so there are no sevens that don’t hurt you.

  6. I had better luck reversing the set to 4/2 2/4. Throwing it 2/4 4/2 will get me a 7 in 2 or 3 tosses.

  7. Hey BoneThrower long time watcher, first time posting to your video blogs. I appreciated your honesty with the ways craps should be played and your insight is excellent. Would love to see you in action in the casino via video if possible. I know that there is a big difference between throwing in practice and when actual money is on the line. Keep on rocking!!

  8. BT – New subscriber here. Can’t believe it took me so long to stumble on your channel. May have found a new passion. Saw this vid just before trip to S Nevada. Found only hard surface tables so compensated with softer toss from SR1 or 2, to same Field ‘2’ LZ that just kissed wall. Kept bets to 1-2 units inside and concentrated on technique. Results excellent with pinch grip. Biggest issue was far end chip “walls” built by players. Outs happened mostly when one die hit those stacks or took a strange bounce. Early visits have fewer players with less obstructions so that meant playing early. Now looking at building a portable throwing/receiving setup from “enhanced” Lifetime folding tables at Costco.
    Question – when is your hard surface 4/2-2/4 video coming out? – or has it?
    Thank you!

  9. For a player that has a table to practice on and practice every day, your ratio should be about 32 throws before throwing a 7.

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