10 thoughts on “Dice Sets, Tips and Secret to beat the Casino At Craps

  1. lol this is stupid, 7 is the best odds in craps, the pyramids on the wall ruin any set when you throw. but keep on keeping on.

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  3. That crap does not work, they have to stay on axis for the 7 to come out. Must hit the back wall and that is what kills the roll.

  4. That is the 6/1-6/1 set Face the 6 & 1 together. TIP The set is the same as your point. For ALL the sets go to Dice setting UPDATE and learn all your Do Sets. G.

  5. HOW MANY SETS do you have? You only need FOUR sets for the Do shooter. and TWO sets for the Don't shooter. For all the correct sets watch Dice setting "Update" at @AM1o It is SOOOO Easy. It is all about the inside Axis numbers, That's it. Good luck at the tables. Garrison Las Vegas.

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