10 thoughts on “Dom the Dominator from Golden Touch Craps Interview on Hypnoitc Poker Podcast

  1. Dom, you are the Man!! Thank you for taking the time to do this, I can't wait to take your class!!

  2. Had a great run at the table last night. $100 buy-in at $5 table. Hit multiple parlays on hard six and hard ten. I am in no way a controller, I try. But the visualization helped a good shot. Rolled for 20 minutes! Normally a point seven out person.
    At the casino I go to, the dealers there don't really mess with any shooter.

  3. great video sir , if your not positive at the table, more than likely you won`t have a good session. Thank you for the info.

  4. Great interview!! Something I have done is call out the number while I throw the dice. Just like Dom said: "… I call out 5-1 when I think a 6 will roll on this throw…." . I say to my self constantly until I throw the dice. I call it deja vu. I have thrown many times where I guessed the dice in a row.

  5. 21:21 Conrad makes a great point – We should look at the Good point of view and say "We want this to happen." Looking at the negative or saying " I hope this does not happen" will not work. That was a great point.

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