Family “Field” Feud Strategy

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This video is what I like to call Family “Field” Feud due to the controversy around playing one roll bets.

In this strategy, after the Point is established, bet $30/$60/$30 on the 4/9/10, respectively. Then, play a $15 Field bet and a $20 Horn bet, also ($155 hits n action) (if you want, you can play the Field/Horn or all bets on the Come out roll or wait for a Point to be established). The idea is each hit on a Field number (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12) wins in two areas. (4/9/10 box number hits can replenish the Field/Horn and still rack winnings.)

This strategy can be expanded by pressing the box numbers, adding hardways on the 4/10, playing a DP hedge for $150, hopping the 5/6/8 easies, or parlaying the Field or Horn bet wins.

The ATS was used only to mark numbers but can be played, if desired.

The bankroll is $2K (enough for up to 10 shooters ($155 per shooter) + $450 in reserves (in case you want to replace the Field/Horn bets).

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Family “Field” Feud Strategy

4 thoughts on “Family “Field” Feud Strategy

  1. After reviewing the rollout, I want to apologize upfront for the amateur dealing displayed. (I will be rolling this out again in another video later this week.)

  2. enjoyed the video! no worries my friend! we all make mistakes! if you never make mistakes you ain't trying hard enough

  3. Nice rollout. Thanks for sharing. I continued to be impressed with how supportive Waylon is to the rest of the craps community.

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