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  1. Why would you ever want to take your winnings from a place bet win and put some of it on field, so that when you win on the field you can raise your place bets?

    (1) If you lose your field bet, that money is gone and your place bets didn't get increased. (2) You can use your place bet winnings to directly raise your place bets immediately.

  2. Larry the method for the "Horny Super come out set" is different. Read the chapter and it explains how to play that method. Good job for your first time playing the Don't. For additional Information listen to the interview on 'High Roller Radio" https://youtu.be/z-rRJBeAqtk

  3. Nice clip Larry. I know you watched the interview on Youtube on Same bet. Keep up the good work and remember when you play on the Don't side the odds are in YOUR favor. Here is one comment that was left after the interview: (From YOUTUBE after the show)  Garrison craps lessons are amazing and his super package is phenomenal!!!!!! May I also say, I had the honour of rolling next to a high roller that literally had a rack of $35,000 in front of him at Resorts and we talked and exchanged tel.#'s and he was actually training one of his students at the table too and he literally talked the world of Mr. Garrison, it felt soo good knowing such high rollers talked such high esteem of this man.——— *ps: the Calamari, Manicotti and the works will be ready for you when you decide to come to our wonderful playground in A.C. on the the beautiful Jersey Shore. Salud, Chindon. 🍷🍾🙏 ( part of a larger message From God Truth, Forever & Amen on You tube)

  4. REMEMBER The best ( YES THE VERY BEST) you can get with dice setting from the Do side are THREE ways for the 6 & 8 and TWO ways for the seven. Your odds are 3/2 in your favor. Only Two ways for the 4,5,9,&10 and Two ways for the seven, So the odds are 50/50 it is an even $$$$ bet and that is when you stay on axis. You do need a little help from" Lady Luck" and she can be a fickle female. The BEST ODDS for the dice setter is shooting on the Don't side Now your odds are 4 ways for the seven and only one way for the 4,6,8,&10 and ZERO ways for the 5 & 9., but that is a another show or take time out to read about it in the Platinum Craps & Dice setting book on line at platinumcraps.com or on Amazon ( P.C. & Dice setting) Good Luck at the tables. Garrison For additional information listen to the Interview on "High Roller radio" https://youtu.be/z-rRJBeAqtk

  5. How nice! Another video trying to sell materials instead of a real winning science! This is sillyness again which is why they're always playing from home with fake money!!!

  6. How nice! Another video trying to sell materials instead of a real winning science! This is sillyness again which is why they're always playing from home with fake money!!!

  7. A slight change to this strategy
    Don't Pass $5
    Place $22 across on
    Reguardless if you hit a point or not you take all your bets off after one roll & you let your Dont pass ride.

    You can continue the $1 yoh on the come out.

  8. When the point is on the 10 and you bet the hard 10 there is still two more ways to hit the the 10 – there are two die and the combinations remaining are a 6 on one and a 4 on the other or a 4 on one and a 6 on the other. This means there are 3 ways out of the 36 combination to hit the ten, the 5 ,5 is one the other two are 6,4 and 4,6, it is mathematical probability. The thinking there is only two ways to hit the ten is a common mistake.

  9. C.C Thank you for the nice comments on the P.C. book. Good job but reread pages 39-41 for the correct dice set when you wish to seven out. The dice set you use was the "all seven set" when you are coming out from the Do side. There are Don't sets that only give you one way for the 4,6,8,&10 and zero ( yes zero) ways for the 5 & 9 and Four ways to seven out. Now the odds are 4/1 or 4/0 in your FAVOR, but over all good job. Good Luck at the tables, G.

  10. KING DICE CRAPS/From King Dice
    I really like this book it easy to read and understand @platinumcraps.com

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