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PLAY THE WAY THE PROFESSIONAL PLAY. COME VS PLACE BETS. Did you know that over 90% of the books on Craps on the market ARE WRONG??? SORRY, but I did not write the books. I have over twenty books on Craps in my collection and most books give the reader the WRONG information. The book we ship you has the CORRECT Information. Here is a clip from the ADVANCED & SUPER CRAPS DVD that explains why the place bets are better for the shooter than come bets. Sorry I said pass line better after the DVD clip and meant PLACE better. I did this from start to finish with on notes, sorry. You have more options, only have to roll the number once and win more money when you take 5X odds or less. Your PLATINUM CRAPS & DICE SETTING SUPER package is only $129.95 ( a $249.95 value) and we added the Advanced and super DVD. You will learn how to play and WIN. Call our Office 702-487-5223 Toll free 800-987-5544 or text/cell 702-772-6011 email You need the Platinum Craps & Dice setting SUPER Package to win consistently. Learn how to play and bet correctly. Call now! Good Luck at the tables, Garrison.PS If you ever read in a book where it tells you to take a Pass line bet and then take one or Two come bets with odds, do yourself a favor—- BURN THAT BOOK! P.S. The pass line and the Come bets are the same so when I said PASS line vs Place bets they really are the same but I meant Place bets but you know that RIGHT????? Call and order, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover & PayPal ( 702-487-5223) email:

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  1. FROM MICHAEL GREEN IN LOUISIANA. Glad you are doing well, keep it up.
    Received this package right before Christmas Eve. The knowledge in the book and on the advanced and super craps DVD is invaluable. The bankroll management and discipline especially makes you a winner. I'm a small time player and last six trips to the casino resulted in the following profits/losses:
    1st day $40 dollars (win goal) 2nd day $70 dollars (win goal still $40) 3rd day $70 dollars (still $40 win goal) 4th day $70 5th day $50 loss (my loss limit and I walked away) 6th day yesterday Jan 4 $94 dollar win. All sessions were thrown with the hard way set. No bets on other shooters just trust in my own throws. Although I didn't bet, hit all the small numbers, couldn't get the 12 and 11 for the high. Win goal still $40 dollars until I build my bankroll up. Had an exceptionally good roll last night. Knowledge of the game and setting and throwing helps, but the bankroll, money management, and discipline part are invaluable for serious players who want to win in the long haul. Then there is the logic and trends that help a lot. Michael Green

  2. UNFORTUNATELY, THIS IS HOW A LOT OF CRAP PLAYERS. Played BEFORE they received their Craps & Dice setting SUPER package. After they received their SUPER package they changed the way they play. Watch this clip and see how some players still play ( CLICK HERE) and then call our office and receive the correct information on HOW TO PLAY AND WIN. Office 702-487-5223 Good luck at the tables. Garrison.

  3. SUBSCRIBE & LEARN THE CORRECT WAY TO PLAY & WIN. Did you know that OVER 90% of the books on Craps in the market ARE WRONG????? That is right they are WRONG! I have over twenty books on Craps & Dice Setting in My collection and most give the reader the wrong information. SORRY, but I did not write the books. We teach the KISS Method. " KEEP IT SIMPLE —STUPID" The book you receive is the greatest and the most INFORMATIVE book ever written on Craps. ( over 350 pages) Our Dice setting information is without a doubt the FASTEST and EASIEST way to learn how to set the dice for the Do AND the Don't shooter. Watch the video for the Don't player after you understand this video. THIS WORKS!! REMEMBER: 90% of all players only know about 10% of how to play the game and WIN. Send for your complete Craps & Dice setting SUPER PACKAGE. Will tell you the first thing you MUST DO before you place your first bet. VERY IMPORTANT. Call our Office 702-487-5223 or text/cell 702-772-6011. Your Complete Craps & Dice setting SUPER package includes Book/DVD's/Articles/ 5 Dice setting Strategy Cards and is only $124.95 ( $249.95 value) Included is the Advanced and Super Craps DVD. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & PayPal Email: (702-487-5223) You need the Craps & Dice setting SUPER package to make you a better player, call now! Good luck at the tables. Garrison Las Vegas!

  4. I put this video in our face book group because of the way that he explains the bets. Something that I've been writing about for years. The come bet bad and you should never use it!

  5. A new book that will totally change the way you play and set the dice will be out soon! ( By Aug 30) It is entitled: Platinum Craps & Dice Setting ( Advanced ways to play and bet) This is a Full-COLOR book with all your charts and tables for Dice Setting and advanced sets for the ATS, Repeater & FIRE bets. PLUS Garrison's Super Come outset where you can win THREE bets on just one roll. Foreward and two BONUS chapters were written by Mr. John Patrick the leading author in gambling. The price will only be $20— with thousands of dollars of valuable information. This is a book you will WANT in your collection. It will pay for itself the first time you go to the table.

  6. Go to my new FACEBOOK page at "Garrison Russell" and add your name to my friend's page. You will be the first contacted when the book Platinum Craps & Dice Setting ( Advanced Sets for the ATS, Repeater & Fire bets) arrive. You will want this book in your collection. Good luck at the tables, Garrison PS You will see the cover of the book Full Glossy inside and out with beautiful color photos, charts, graphs, and some "Old School" black & white photos.

  7. New Craps Group on Facebook. Go to "Platinum Craps & Dice Setting" and join. We will have lessons for both methods of play and for the dice setter.

  8. baffled me 45 years now why people make come bets. last night my point was 4 placed 5 6 8 9 and field bet. 17 or more throws i 7 out but won 250.00

  9. Go to our facebook page at "Garrison Russell" and add your name to our friends' list. Then join the new group Platinum Craps & Dice Setting. You will see the cover for the new book PLATINUM CRAPS & DICE SETTING ( Advanced sets for the ATS, repeater, and Fire bets.) Additional Methods of play for the beginner and Advanced Player-Available in August. You will want this book for your collection. This will change your game! Good Luck at the tables, Garrison

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