Great Craps Strategy? Pressing the Iron Cross

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5 thoughts on “Great Craps Strategy? Pressing the Iron Cross

  1. I like $75/$90/$90 with $30 Field. If a horn hits, play $10YO with $20Craps with winnings. If second consecutive horn hits, go to $20/$40 on the E/C. Keep pressing $10/$20 on successive horn hits. Always bet $30 Field to be able to fund the E/C. If 4/9/10 hits, place/buy for $25 (raise $25 on each successive hit). If a 5/6/8 hits, press either $25/$30/$30. You can make quite a bit with this. Total exposure is $285. I only use it when I am shooting.

  2. Great content, love seeing what new and exciting methods you have to show us, but I'd love to see whatever method in a live roll. Ty🍻

  3. This is a very optimistic play. Considering every six rolls your gonna get outed, your really counting on a hot shooter. Of course the hot shooter is the iron cross's holy grail.

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