10 thoughts on “How to make $1500 playing craps in 30 minutes

  1. Happy New Year CryptoWolf and Jimmy and to even longer rolls and making even more money in the New Year but don't forget to tip Jimmy.

  2. Just subscribed. Nice throw can you break down you grip and throw? How high from table rails, spin,. Thanks for your time and your videos….

  3. When your dice land, it sounds like your table is a hard surface but your dice react like they are coming of a bouncy surface. Crypto can you confirm the surface of your table. Thank you in advance.

  4. You could have Jimmy put the pucks to cover all small and all tall just above those numbers on the layout just like they do in the real casino.

  5. Hey CryptoWolf any ICOs catch your eye? You should have own cyptocoin based on an online live -dealer craps game.

  6. Back when Cromwell was Bills or Barbary Coast i cant remember.I had just moved here back in 04. On a jumpin friday night i step to a full table with close to a grand. Im playing a LiL DP DC strategy i came up with and callin out Big Reds like im a fortune teller. Pretty soon im up close to ten racks but everyone at the tables is furious at me and asking why im betting against them callin me every name in the book.Me bein young and cocky.(stupid) i start talkin bad back to them. Next thing u know im up close to 15 gz and everyones has left . Instead of leaving i stayed.Theres a weird feelin in the air .even though i was heavily tippin my dealers or whatever you call them, they all had these vicious lookin sneers on their faces and this waitress who i had told repeatedly thru the night that i dont drink, keeps buggin the bad out of me to have a cocktail until finally i say love it bring me a sprite. Next thing i know im standing next to the atm tryna make a withdrawl but my account is zero. Then i get grabbed by security photographed and told im banned 86d. The time from orderin the sprite to gettin kicked out i cant remember to this day. That bad loveed with my head really bad because i consider myself to be very strong mentally and physically. I havent shot craps at a casino since that night. I came across your videos man and all of a sudden i feel like im ready. I bought some dice from cvs across from Hard Rock. I been practicing my throw .I still got mean roll. I just wanna say thnx man for the videos. Im older and wiser now .Im not gonna feed into the negative any more and im gonna stay focused. I let one incident rob me of one of my greatest loves aside from my wife and kids. CRAPS. Maybe ill see you out there one day. Again Thnx 4 the vids. Sincerly Bigg Slimm aka Mr. 711

  7. Will not subscribe, don't know dice set, don't know what he is hitting (numbers)

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