10 thoughts on “How to make $500 a day playing craps.

  1. I appreciate the honesty in the video. This was a great video showing people that you can’t make $500 a day every day. However, sometimes you get lucky and take home some good profit.

  2. Best is to wait for the longer dice throwers (after like 4-5 throws) then start buying numbers or place Come bet with Odds. When I'm shooting if i like the Point I will place Odds behind Pass Line. If I'm throwing good i will buy the numbers. Random Throwers= make sure to Cover the 7…. Lol

  3. A good idea but one will need a big bank roll to cover the losses. So in each game, either i lose 5 units or gain 3-6 units. Ignoring the change on numbers 6 & 8. Need a lot of units to cover the losses. A strategy should be risk averse. A strategy should guard the bankroll, like its the key to survival for the next game and the next, and the next….. For me winning is not as important as protecting the bank roll. Because if you have the bankroll, you can always make a bit during easy sessions. As soon as the bankroll starts to go down, stop. Max 2 losses and stop. I am looking for a strategy that gets me ahead at the outset and after that its just plain sailing as long as i do not lose more than 2 rolls.

  4. If you're feeling good, and confident the 7 won't show, I would press the money from your first 2 hits, or increase your place bets. Also, instead of placing the 5 (point number) for 25, you should take that in odds behind the line, better payout.

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