How To PLAY & CALCULATE Prop Bets In Craps | Craps Basics

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How To PLAY & CALCULATE Prop Bets In Craps | Craps Basics

10 thoughts on “How To PLAY & CALCULATE Prop Bets In Craps | Craps Basics

  1. Great video, love the information, the only thing ya missed was a buffalo bet, what the heck is a buffalo??

  2. So I live in Ohio but originally from Philly and played in all the AC casinos as well as trips to Vegas. I just got back from a casino run here in Ohio to Hollywood casino and seen something I have never seen before. The craps tables we're completely different and offered no "DONT COME" bet. The table had a box for every point on the dice "2-12". On the come-out roll if a 2-3-11-12 was rolled then that became the point and the player didn't win or lose. I have just started to really get into craps and typically have been a NLH Poker player. Is this something you have seen before? I did walk out in 3hrs up $600 so it worked for me. But I never seen anything like this and their normal craps tables we're gone and replaced with this new game.

  3. Correction: @ 5:35 in the video you mentioned that the Hop Sevens & Any Seven pays the same, but if you Hop them you actually get an extra $1.00 chip.

  4. Wondering if you guys could ever run a roulette strategy I have, it’s works for me when I have the bankroll to support it, it’s 100 dollar bets based around neighbour betting! I look at what number has previously came up say 29 black, I look to see which way the ball is spinning, if it’s spinning left I would place $50 two spaces to the left of 29 which is 10 and it’s neighbours (27,00,25,29), the other 50 dollars is essentially bounce control I place 25 dollar neighbour bet between 4-7 spaces from the last neighbour I can hit on (spinning left would be 27, right would be 29). The final one is to cover myself in case it doesn’t not land in those areas and tends to be 30% of the wheel away from my bets (either sides)…
    would love to see you guys try it! And see if you think it’s a winning one! I’ve once managed to get to 5000 with a 400 dollar bankroll using this before!

  5. Would be better with an over head or over the shoulder camera showing the board!thanks

  6. I enjoyed the video. Informative. What are your thoughts on flipping the video so the board is facing us and also what about having graphics of the key and payout breakdowns. I am currently taking a craps class and just trying to see different ways so I can understand better.

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