10 thoughts on “How To Play Street Dice AKA Street Craps

  1. Street dice and ghetto dice ..street dice must hit a wall and they push on the 12 ghetto dice you lose on the 12 no hitting a wall you can roll them however you want your opponent can eveb grap your dice which means he thinks your getting hot so you essentially re roll or he can just catch the dice or call dice meaning that roll dont count some get high before playing and start putting there shoe on your dice to signal they called them then here comes the sliw hustle they will wait to see if you hit your point then try and stick there shoe out and say they called dice (cheat) understand in the ghetto lots of peoole are on drugs and do 6 and y yr old childish games like this you have to wrigh your odds how much you want to stand up to this loveery by can you really whope his ass and is he strapped or not lol so ghetto dice can get real ignaerant..Stay in a casino..throw the dice in one consistant form there is a dive set to beat every table find the dice set that works for that table either hard ways,3 V,2 V,or All 7's…oh two more things that is real important about Ghetto dice never let the person say off your shoe or off your hat doesnt count because tbey will use that as an excuse to cheat you if they start to lose so make sure you have a clear area to shoot secondly never ever ever grab the dice or even touch the dice before you grab your money on a win if you do that that is called burnt dice and you want be able to grab your money if you do that..if you win on a come out 7 and grab your dice then grab the money the dice are considerd burnt..If you know you just won grab your $20 and leave a $20 up

  2. Good straightforward explanation but bruh did you say you “irregardless”at the end there. Damn you lose some credit for that

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