How to Tip your Craps Dealer | Level Up at Dice 11

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How to Tip your Craps Dealer | Level Up at Dice 11 is the latest Level Up at Dice episode. Today we look at all the different ways to tip or toke your craps dealers. On the line with shoes, player control, two way, hand in are some of the tipping concepts we cover today. Do you tip a bad dealer?

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How to Tip your Craps Dealer | Level Up at Dice 11

10 thoughts on “How to Tip your Craps Dealer | Level Up at Dice 11

  1. Great video! Always tip your dealers! Jeremy If you watch the video on my channel Mel's monster 33 rolls I actually do a bunch of those tips so you can see it all in action. I tipped hard ways and hop bets and place bets and such. Thanks to David for teaming up with you on this series. We need to get David and Alex out here to play with us sometime soon!

  2. I always say "this is for the boys" when I place line bets for the dealers. Or place the 6 for the boys…etc

  3. Thanks for the clarification on "Two-Way" . I found it confusing when trying to understand hop bets.

  4. Awesome video! Never hear about player control control bets in any book or video before this one. I’m going to try it next time I’m out at a table.

  5. Hadn't thought of the pass line bet for the dealers but I love that idea. Gonna do that next time. Cheers 🍻

  6. Going to Vegas at the end of the month and will be toking the dealers with pass line with odds. Great video! Love it! Keep it up!

  7. I always tip dealers, except the very few who are jerks. Last year I started betting a $4 Iron Cross– player-controlled….. for them. They win on every roll of course. I control by telling them to take the winnings but leave the bet. I have to replace the $1 Field if it loses, but the other three numbers stay up………. Winning a tip on every non-7 roll gets them into the game and on my side to keep the roll going.

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