How to use Put Bets in Casino Craps

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How to Use Put Bets in Casino Craps to add more money in free odds. In a recent real casino craps video of mine, a player was adding money to his pass line bet to increase his odds bet. Was this cheating at the game? No. This is perfectly legal and more beneficial to casino than it is to player. In this video I discuss why and when you would make a put bet.

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How to use Put Bets in Casino Craps

10 thoughts on “How to use Put Bets in Casino Craps

  1. At 6:00 Jeremy, you touch on one of the largest things most craps player have no clue about. I dont know how many times people at table have said the odds bet is “the best bet in the whole casino.” It’s sad if the only math a player understands is the house edge, and fails to understand: probability, risk of ruin, diminishing returns, etc.

    Thanks for educating us all!

  2. I was thinking about betting $3,000 on the PB 5 or 9 on a $1,000 max table, and I thought I saw a solution. Bet $1,000 on the PB 5, add a Put Bet on the 5 for $400 with 4X odds of $1600. A PB 5 of $3,000 would normally pay $4,200. This PB & Put Bet combo on the 5 also pays a total of $4,200. If I was gonna try to bet $3,000 on the PB 6 or 8, I'd bet $900 on the PB 6, and add a Put Bet of $350 with 5X odds of $1,750. A PB 6 of $3,000 would normally pay $3,500. This PB & Put Bet combo on the 6 also pays a total of $3,500. This doesn't work so well on the 4 & 10 with 3X odds, but if you want to bet more than the table max for some reason, you can.

  3. Good explanation, I enjoyed watching this and watching the guy increase his bets. He seemed smart, I thought since the shooter was hitting points, he was pressing higher on points he liked …. but it was hard to tell. At first I thought the add on bet was for the dealers…. but it may not have been I can't remember.

  4. Casinos are really smart. If they let you change a bet you can guarandamntee it's to their advantage.

  5. Great explanation. Everyone has their methods. Maybe to him a $1 difference isn't that big of a deal. Or maybe he just didn't know that he's shorting himself $1🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️. Point is that it worked for him and he walked off the table with a lot of money it seems!!

  6. It's not in the players advantage…. reduce your bet or sneak a bet on the DP and you will get tossed…

  7. Anyone notice where you put the initial pass line bet made it say “ass line”

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