How to Win at Craps on $10 Tables

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How to Win at Craps on $10 Tables is a craps betting strategy specifically for $10 tables. The craps strategy starts with a $36 bet on the 6 and 8. After the first hit, you collect $21 and have the dealer take you down to $44 across the inside numbers. After the second hit you win $14 and pull down either the 5 or 9 place bet. At this point you have $1 profit with 3 numbers and 14 dice combinations working for you still. If one of the numbers hit, collect $4 and make a place bet on the number you had taken down. From this point I like to collect and press each hit on a number.

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How to Win at Craps on $10 Tables

10 thoughts on “How to Win at Craps on $10 Tables

  1. LOL @ place bets being your strategy. That's retarded. You're statistically better off doing come bets and buying max odds on them. And the house has the least advantage on the don't pass/don't come players who do not lay odds (they still have an advantage). No betting scheme will overcome the fact that the house does not pay any bet in the game (except for the odds) what the probability of it happening actually is. And on those odds bets, they make their money on the fact that you either have to pay the vig or you have to also play the flat.

    I've dealt the game for many years in Vega and I've never seen anyone actually come up with a system that beats the game. Even "control" players lose their shirts in the end.

    This system is a joke.

  2. Another way to play $10 tables is to bring another person and share each bet. This works for the very rich (and those on a winning streak) as well, as a way around table limits.

  3. This seems like a great strategy. I would suggest to pull down the bets after 3 hits. It’s about making $$$ right?

  4. Hey. Your videos were a great help! Went to Vegas last week and broke even thanks to your advice. I got to play craps for the first time for 4 hours and manage to leave with the money I came with. I still have much to learn from you!

  5. With all the seven outs why not just play the Dont pass why does everyone hate it so much I’m not betting agaisnt you I’m betting agaisnt the dice

  6. Colored up 1000 plus on my 4 day trip to enjoy had trials with vibes but your strategies helped me not be a total noob and after to sessions sounding like a pro

  7. Does anyone know about a Craps simulator? It would let you define a strategy and run it for 1,000's of rolls. You could learn the true loss expectation of a certain strategy. It would take too long with real rolls like this or using an online table. Thanks for the videos!

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