How to win with POWER CRAPS 🎲 – Craps Betting Strategy

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How to win with power craps is a craps betting strategy that can win money at the casino. This is a strategy from the book, Craps take the money and run. I recommend this book. This craps betting strategy employs the pass line with single odds, and placing the 6 and 8. As you hit the place bets you continue to progress up 50%. As the point number wins, you press up your odds 50%. This is a fun and low house edge casino craps betting strategy.

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How to win with POWER CRAPS 🎲 – Craps Betting Strategy

10 thoughts on “How to win with POWER CRAPS 🎲 – Craps Betting Strategy

  1. What was the sound in the background? after a while it's all I could pay attention to. Did no one else hear it?

  2. It’s only one way to win at craps placebetting. You need qualifying rolls meaning-after the point is established-you should wait to place a bet till like the 4th 5th 6th 7th roll to avoid quick outs which kills bank roll. Me personally-I bet one number then spread it out after I pay myself but it’s boring waiting on another 6 or 8 to hit in ten rolls. Real crap players-We like hard ways hi-lows and nickel yo’s. So I no longer play. The longer you stay the more money you give back/and/or lose. Do you know how many quick 7 outers come in a two hour session? At least 20. Roll a point-one-two-3 rolls later??? Seven pick up!! It’s hard to play on a cold table so go find a hot table

  3. I probably hav all those books. When I started learning to play. I bought every book I could find at the used book stores. My husband thought I was nuts. But I’ve been able to win enough to pay for our trips usually.

  4. Hey how’s it going? I don’t actually know anything about really any gambling things. Craps. Blackjack, poker nothing I’ve found this video through watching static’s videos lol. It’s very interesting but about 2 rolls before you hit the 7. I was saying to myself you should pull out the odds of hitting 7 are greatly increasing. I’ve been watching a couple of your videos and some you have a cut off or collect your profit some you don’t. I wonder why. But you know when your driving and your coming up to a stop light of course we’re talking about a timed light but it’s green or red. Your driving up to it the longer it stays that color the more of a chance it has to change. So a red light has a greater chance of being green and vise versa same thing with dice. The longer you roll a non 7 the greater chance the dice will land on 7. I also realize to win you need to increase your bet but wouldn’t it be advantageous to increase your losing bet once again losing after losing is less likely the more you lose therefore betting on what just lost should produce a win. But more so after 7 straight wins I think you should have reset and collected your money. Of course hindsight 20/20 easy to see that now but you were always going to lose if you keep doubling

  5. So based on the come out number, the odds you put behind the pass line bet has to be a certain amount? It can't just 10$ for every number (4,5,6,8.9.10)?

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