John G’s Winning Strategy on the Dont’s on the Craps Tables

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Special interview with fellow Hawaii Craps Shooter, John G, who just recently moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas. Listen in as he shares many valuable tips on what you “Don’t” do at the Craps Tables from his own experience now as a resident of Las Vegas. John also shares his horror stories on the craps tables as well. Check it out.

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John G’s Winning Strategy on the Dont’s on the Craps Tables

10 thoughts on “John G’s Winning Strategy on the Dont’s on the Craps Tables

  1. Yes you Money Shot! This guy John is on point with everthing he shared on your video. I wish you guys did this like 10 years ago & all the Hawaiʻi people watched this & learned it too. The way the crap table is set up is to bring out the greed in the common human gambler without them even realizing it. Money makes people funny in my opinion. No too much crap players understands the concept of team crap shooting on a crap table. We > Me.

  2. Rules? What rules? Buying in only just before the comeout ? Not necessarily. Do it when the dealer is less busy, which is NOT the case after a point hit or 7 out and the whole table turns over. I have no problem with interrupting the average random roller if the timing is right and neither should you, since randoms are mostly unprofitable hands and the dealer has more time. Never approach a craps session timidly. Never respect a "how to act rule" from a dude who wears dark sunglasses indoors.

  3. Love this video!!! A lot true in this video specially leaving when things are Not going well and making money of other players when you are not shooting well!!! Thank you ….

  4. What casinos does john recommend playing in vegas? Im going there this weekend.

  5. When I come to a craps table I will do what I want. All these stupid superstitions all you pros have mean nothing to me.

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