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Hi my name is Tony Leo, I live in Las Vegas and gamble professionally. I play craps in Las Vegas at least four days per week and I feel I’m the best Las Vegas Craps instructor you’ll find. No one will do for you what I will. What other Las Vegas Craps instructor will invite you to their home or office. I have a full size craps table in my living room set up for you to play and learn on, and you can call me anytime. With my Winning Las Vegas Craps methods you’ll be on your way to another income stream you never had. Visit my website today at www.thegamingpro.com and receive my “Free” Craps tips that will make you money the next time you play. I will show you how to win at craps guaranteed. Let the good times roll.
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Lets Talk Winning Craps | The Gaming Pro

5 thoughts on “Lets Talk Winning Craps | The Gaming Pro

  1. Hi Tony I notice when you throw the dice you open your fingers I do too and it has really got me some over 1 hour rolls according to golden crap boys they teach to keep your fingers closed which I find very uncomfortable but I guess every dog has his day good luck.

  2. Was at Rivers Casino outside Chicago and no one could get more than 2 points before "7 out". Very frustrating and that includes me!

  3. You're the real deal Tony! Love your videos! I'm new to the game and must say it's a bit overwhelming. Any advice for those just starting out?

  4. Tony is a stand-up guy, Advantage Dice Control is an outstanding way to play, I have been a student of Tony's for almost two months now and my success is growing every day.
    One thing about Tony is you got to think outside the box and embrace the system and that is when you start to realize you have the real deal with his method.
    Also Tony always answers the phone he is a player not just a seller of his method, most of these guys talk big but Tony backs it up with reality in the trenches play 4 days a week.

    Just a short review more is too come…………………………yes Tony is he real DEAL.

  5. Tony, I have self-taught the game of craps for the past 2 years and do pretty well with WinCrapsPro, I just need an expert like you to help me learn the betting system, I usually bet 3x4x5 odds and with 1 dont pass and 1 dont come and always some Iron Cross with the Yo as an excellent hedge bet when coming out on a DONT PASS, (;-))
    I'm vacationing in Vegas in the middle of December and would love to meet you because I have enjoyed your videos for some -time and know your the real deal.
    I am still watching your video, but your obviously an expert player and some of the content is way over my head, (but not for long)

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