Live Casino Bubble Craps #30 GO FOR IT!!! $200 CRAPS CHALLENGE

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Join me to see if I can turn $200 into a profit! I decided to do a $200 challenge because most of us are casual gamblers. Come hang out with me on my casino adventures!

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Live Casino Bubble Craps #30 GO FOR IT!!!  $200 CRAPS CHALLENGE

10 thoughts on “Live Casino Bubble Craps #30 GO FOR IT!!! $200 CRAPS CHALLENGE

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  2. I really can't stand watching these videos of this guy doing the great system but not betting any hard ways bro you will win 10 times as much money all your videos a hard ways always popping

  3. $50 dont $30 6-8 $15 field collect press get a $25 5 after two hits… went from $200 to $1066 for a $866 win on your rolls never before seen this video just playing at home. (also each hit after covering the 5 i press the ( 5 6 8) one unit each on every hit. (after 5,6,8 are at $45 +, I tend to make the field $20) if a 2 or 12 hit I sometimes buy the 4 or 10 and place a 9. ….. When I am way up I go $100 don't that covers all PSO. (of course the quick points hurt the most and come out roll 7 and 11)

  4. Great job ๐Ÿ‘ Ed ๐Ÿ‘. I played once at Black Hawk Casino $3 bubble machine back in November 2021 visiting my son in Colorado and played similar logic with dark side hedging that was a little similar to your box number bet. I won about $280. I enjoyed your video ๐Ÿ‘

  5. Went to casino . Saw history 6 7 out before point . Started laying 4 ..after 7 4 and 400 dollars down I think itโ€™s rigged somehow

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