My 6 Craps Tips for Vegas Success

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My 6 Craps Tips for Vegas Success

10 thoughts on “My 6 Craps Tips for Vegas Success

  1. That tip about drinking is a big one imo. Everyone wants to have a good time at the table. But if you are wanting to shoot your best, you gotta skip the alcohol (and probably even the caffeine… Jitters).

    Not only does shooting get worse, but you might start making dumb bets, chasing losses, etc.

    Definitely some good words of advice in this vid.

  2. How about "Make the table you have at home be the same as the tables you will play at most often." And I would footnote that with, "Have a hard side on one end and a bouncy side on the other," assuming you HAVE a table at home and it's big enough to have both and isn't just a "receiving station." The no alcohol rule is also a great one for anyone who's serious about making money. If you're just there to have a good time, fine – tho you're probably not watching this anyway if so.

  3. There is a channel Press by One, he is doing reviews of Vegas craps opportunities, check out his channel for table conditions & limits

  4. 1) Don't play bubble craps.
    2) Don't play bubble craps.
    3) Don't play bubble craps.
    4) Don't play bubble craps.
    5) Don't play bubble craps.
    6) Pound th-… Actually? Don't play bubble craps.

  5. Great advice brother! And Slambright nailed the one you missed, Don't play Bubble Craps!

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