New Craps Strategy Gameplay

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New Craps Strategy Gameplay

4 thoughts on “New Craps Strategy Gameplay

  1. You went 6,8…dp….then 6,8 one of the times, then 6,8…dp….then lay another time. There a reason why you switched up your order?

  2. I totally know what you mean about stress testing a system. You want to see things go a bit sideways to learn the weaknesses.

  3. I practiced with it today. I think this is how to play it….6/8 continuous with small pressing of 6/8 and move to DP only if you don't hit the 6/8 at least a couple times before a 7-out. Once on DP…bet enough to cover losses plus a little extra to show overall profit….if DP is knocked off by 7 or 11, replace DP with more $$ until a point is established. If point hits and DP loses, then Lay bet the number that knocked off the DP (again with more $$ to cover all losses so far…plus a little extra for profit). If the Lay bet loses….then move back down to the DP and try the DP again?? If the DP loses this time, Lay the 10 for big $$ to recover all losses plus a little extra for profit. Is that the correct sequence? I did this approach a couple of times on the Wizard of Odds site and did show nice overall wins….but, I did make it to the very large Lay bet on the 10 a couple times. If that giant Lay 10 bet loses….then what?

  4. The Whirly Swirly aka Hot Cacciatore. The Heat Is On. Volatile? How deep a bankroll to overcome that Lay 10 back down to the Don't? That might be key. Also knowing ahead of time your press up bet to cover your swirl loss to the next step. Very interesting strategy.

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