Press one craps strategy with house money

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I know $35 on the 5 & 9 pay $42 What was I thinking??
Oh well is what it is
This is becoming my favorite way to play. House money is huge.

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Press one craps strategy with house money

6 thoughts on “Press one craps strategy with house money

  1. Thanks Larry, I also like regression strategies as the sooner you are playing with their money the better. Obviously, if you take a lot of early seven outs, then it can go pear shaped quickly, so rather than martingale, I just revert to a different strategy with some dark side protection until the tide turns, then return to the regression strategy. I also prefer to start with all the inside numbers rather than just the 6 & 8, which increases the initial risk, but also increases the chance of an early score. I use $220 insides, so $50 on 5 & 9, and $60 on 6 & 8, which all pay $70, then regress to $66 insides, 3 units each. Cheers

  2. I know I paid myself $35 on the 5$9 s. Should have been $42. One shot at the video. My mistake. Not a huge deal about $60 different in my favor.

  3. Intrigued by the 6&8 part of this. Have you thought about just taking the profits off the big risk wins? The 6&8 were holding their own, but rolling the win into a shot at a long roll on the inside 4 was a drain. A comparison video would be awesome. Might even put a win progression on the initial 6-8 bet, could put them on a roll count of 5 for 1 win between 7's, hmm.

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