Real Craps Game at Coushatta Casino, Part 2 of 2

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Coushatta Resort and Casino is a Native American casino located in Kinder, Louisiana.

Coushatta casino also has low limits. Most games are $5 minimums, with generous rules that benefit players. Overall, it’s a great casino.

The craps game is $5 minimum. Max free odds is 20x.

This is a real cash craps game at Coushatta.


SPOILER: this video would have gone on longer, however, in the end, you hear what the gentleman said… So I left, too.
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Real Craps Game at Coushatta Casino, Part 2 of 2

10 thoughts on “Real Craps Game at Coushatta Casino, Part 2 of 2

  1. When you’ve been shooting badly I’m losing money because of you. Of course I’m gonna take the dark side bet.

  2. I laugh when the players grab their chips and run when the table goes cold. I though you simply switch to the dark side then? LOL Didn't they come to win money? LOL

  3. I hate it when people, especially the shooters, get butt hurt and bent out of shape just because someone plays the Dark side. My motto is, "If you don't like people betting against you, do a better job at rolling the loveing dice!"

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