scoping out the table, craps advice, viewer submitted.

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scoping out the table, craps advice, viewer submitted.

3 thoughts on “scoping out the table, craps advice, viewer submitted.

  1. Thank you good fun video as always. For me, dealers aren't throwing the dice and betting. So, that said, I've been on tables with real rookie dealers which have both benefited me and hindered me and the same with some bad grumpy burnt out Vets or those gems that actually have assisted me in making the most of rolls and bets. My question really is this…As a veteran dealer you must see thousands of players. You know all the types. You size em up as they come to rail. I do. Which types do you see consisted flame out? Which do you see regularly put the best rolls up.

    I tend to avoid tables when I see few chips in the rail (as you mentioned) …the "seated" guy with few chips in the rail.
    I tend to avoid the hot heads… The cursing maniacs…street dice folks. Cause you know there will be argument stoppage at some point.
    I tend to avoid the ham and egger guys learning the game. No odds. Min bet. More worried about his drink coming than his come bet (whatz that!?) …I had I guy from the midwest actually nudged me while dice in my hand to ask me what the "come means"
    I tend to avoid the frat party…one guy betting…five bros screaming.
    Sometimes I don't mind a slow game. Gimmee all those prop bet guys. Gives me time to figure out how much I got out. contemplate if it is time to take it down.
    I tend to gravitate to the table with the old Hawaiian guys wearing jackets.
    I tend to gravitate to the front money/credit line signers that are calm and collected.
    I tend to bet with the broad that never threw the dice in her life or the birthday kid that just turned of age with grampa showing him how he threw dice in the navy before hitting the beach.

    You get the idea.

  2. Another big no-no for me is drunks or rookies at the table. As far as dealers go, I was just in a [unnamed] casino in Wendover, and the two dealers closest to me were so uninterested in what we were doing, that they kept having a long conversation in another language than English (!?). After about ten minutes of that, I went to another table and had a good time. What kind of pit boss doesn't tell the dealers to stop talking to each other in a foreign language?!?

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