“The One” Strategy by @Waylon’s Way Craps with OBC’s $440 Inside for One Hit and Down

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This video is another roll out of “The One” strategy by @Waylon’s Way Craps .

I am using a scaled down bankroll of $1,500 in green chips, including $440 in black/red chips + $60 In reserves for vigs. (Waylon rolled this out with a $6,000 bankroll using all black chips and paid his vig at the end of his video).

This time, we are not rolling random but using a 4/2-4/6 dice set throwing from Stick Left 2 (SL2).

Start with a $25 Lay & $25 Lay 10 + a $25 Place bet on the 4 & a $25 Place bet on the 10. After the Point is established, roll the “PSO” roll. On the next, add $440 inside on the 5/6/8/9 for one hit and down on the inside. If a 4 rolls, for example, you’ll win $50 for a $1 vig, but lose the Lay 4. You’ll then ladder up by $25 each on the Lay 4/10. If a 7 rolls, you’ll lose the Place bets, but win on the Lay bets for a vig. At this point, you’ll then ladder up on the Place bets on the 4 & 10. If, say, a 10 rolls, you’ll win $100 for $2 vig, but lose the Lay 10. You can now ladder down on the Place bets, but you’re going to ladder up on the Lay bets by a unit. Rinse and repeat however the dice roll. No other type bets were played.

Thank you, Waylon!!

Waylon’s Way Craps:

“The One” by @Waylon’s Way Craps :

“The One” with Old Bay’s 1st rollout:

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“The One” Strategy by @Waylon’s Way Craps with OBC’s $440 Inside for One Hit and Down

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  1. I realize you're on your own table at home but in most casinos the minimum lay bet would be $40. But for demonstration purposes you can do whatever you like. This a great strategy, will work at any level with the inside numbers or not. Great job.

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