Vegas Casinos Reopening Update – June 2, 2021

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Steve and Matt Bourie from the American Casino Guide book, interview Las Vegas Advisor newsletter publisher Anthony Curtis to get the latest details on Las Vegas casinos since all COVID-19 restrictions were lifted on June 1. Topics covered include: mask enforcement and social distancing requirements; the return of live shows; buffet openings; the status of parking fees; plus much more.

Here are the topics discussed in the video and their time codes.

0:00 Introduction to Anthony Curtis
02:05 Are any casinos still requiring masks?
02:50 Are employees still wearing masks?
03:50 Are casinos still screening patrons at entrances?
04:45 Are there still restrictions on table games?
05:27 Are there any casinos still closed?
7:05 Buffet situation?
09:35 Shows. Are prices still up? Are all seats open?
11:00 Cirque shows opening schedule?
11:30 Are smaller shows closing?
14:10 More parking fees in effect?
15:15 How is Virgin/Mohegan Sun Casino doing?
18:00 What to expect at Resorts World opening on June 24?
20:00 MSG Sphere at Venetian update?
20:50 Raiders football stadium update?

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Vegas Casinos Reopening Update – June 2, 2021

10 thoughts on “Vegas Casinos Reopening Update – June 2, 2021

  1. You both always have great commentary and I always enjoy when Anthony joins in to provide his take is on all things Vegas. There is still free Strip parking at Wynn/Encore, Venetian, Planet Hollywood, and the Fashion Show Mall (and Circus Circus as mentioned). We need 'free' in Vegas to balance out the high end. Crossing my fingers that kind of balance makes a comeback. Thanks!

  2. How would resorts world have convinced the Chinese government to loan them a panda? That was never gonna happen

  3. Ugh! Was hoping self serve buffets were gone forever. Super nervous about that.

    seat 7😷 "I got pocket jacks"
    seat 8😷 "thanks for telling me"
    seat 3🤧

  5. Thank you for a great interview! Next time, can you bring up room rates and resort fees?

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